The Catholic University of America


Other Procedural Information

Each person participating in university-approved travel must prepare and submit a completed Travel Expense Report as expeditiously as possible, but no more than 15 business days after completion of travel.

Approved Travel Expense Reports are submitted to the Accounts Payable section of the Controller's Office. Full documentation must accompany the report. See CUA's Official Travel Policy for documentation requirements.

Receipts, ticket portions and other charges that are being paid directly by the university and for which the traveler cannot claim reimbursement must also be attached.

Travelers certify by the submission of their Travel Expense Report that the expenses were incurred in the course of official travel on legitimate university business, and that they have not been, and will not be reimbursed by another entity.

Travel Reimbursment for a Student Employee; Accounts Payable will reimburse student employees only for travel that is done in their funtion of their paying job, not travel done as a student or for unpaid research.

Extended Assignments: A traveler on extended assignment (longer than 30 days) should submit monthly interim Travel Expense Reports. Extended assignments that cross fiscal years will require submission of a travel report as of the last date of the fiscal year, even if less than one month has elapsed since the most recent interim report.

Approval of Travel Expenses: The approving administrator certifies by signature that each expense declared is an ordinary and necessary expense incurred in accordance with the university's travel policy and that he or she is the budget manager for the organization being charged. Travel Expense Reports that are to be charged to grants and contracts will also require approval by the Office of Grants and Contracts.

The Accounts Payable unit of the Controller's Office will review the Report only to establish the existence of approvals and documentation for each claimed expenditure; they will also check the mathematical accuracy of the Report. Additional audits of compliance with university policy may occur before or after payment.

Payment of Expense Reimbursement: If a balance is due the traveler, Accounts Payable will issue a check payable to the traveler after the Travel Expense Report receives departmental budgetary/accounting approval. This check will be mailed to the traveler's campus address or, if arranged in advance, may be picked up in person.

Payment of Amount Owed from Excess Travel Advance: If a refund is due to the university, the traveler must submit a check payable to The Catholic University of America with the Travel Expense Report.