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Skylight ONE Visa Debit Card

Skylight accounts through SunTrust Bank - Member FDIC

In an effort to reduce and ultimately eliminate paper checks, the Payroll Office implemented the Skylight ONE Card program as an additional electronic banking option.  The funding process is similar to that of a traditional direct deposit into a personal bank account.  On payday, rather than receiving a paper check in the department, your net pay will be deposited onto the ONE Card.  After we post your first deposit, you will automatically receive a personalized ONE Card at the address on file with Human Resources.  Your pay will be added by 9:00 am ET each payday until you terminate employment or switch to traditional direct deposit.  Once you activate the card and select your PIN, you have access to your pay in a number of ways.

All student workers and staff are given two pay cycles to enroll in direct deposit with the banking institution(s) of their choice.  If you have not setup a direct deposit account, you will be automatically enrolled in the ONE Card program. It is possible to have active direct deposit and ONE Card accounts at the same time.  You will receive an email stating the applicable deadline to make your direct deposit election(s) to prevent enrollment in this program.  Should you miss the deadline and be automatically enrolled, please visit the office to receive your Skylight Welcome Pack which contains a temporary card and reference information.  You may contact us at (202) 319-5512 or email the office to speak with a member of the team who will assist you with any questions you may have.


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