The Catholic University of America

Request For Information / Proposal / Quotation (RFI / RFP / RFQ)

The purpose of the RFx issued by The Catholic University of America is to obtain information from the vendor community regarding the scope of service or equipment the University needs. Through this RFx, the University expects to gain a better understanding about the planned project. 



All bid packages contain instructions and forms specific for the RFx stated. Vendors are required to review all the Terms and Conditions of the University prior to submitting their bid proposal response. All bid instructions and deadlines are clearly stated in the bid package.

Documents/Bid Packages coming from the CUA Contract Specialists are the only official source of information on all CUA RFx. Documents attained from other sources will not be recognized during the bid and award process. Letters of Intent from the prospective vendors/suppliers will be reviewed upon the opening of bids. Vendor's relying on documents obtained from other sources may do so at their own risk. Verbal agreements or instructions from any sources are not authorized.


Notice to Vendors

Cone of Silence

During the RFx process (i.e. RFI, RFP and RFQ process), the designated CUA Contract Specialist is the only authorized person the prospective vendors/suppliers and/or contractors can communicate regarding the RFx.

Vendors/suppliers and/or contractors are further instructed not to contact or communicate any other CUA staff members, students, Board of Trustees members, members of the evaluation committee during the RFx process or after contract award.

Any violation by the prospective vendor/supplier and their representative(s) will render their bid response unacceptable and voidable, as well as any resulting contract awarded to them.



Visiting CUA's Campus

Vendors/Suppliers are requested to contact the Procurement Services Office to make an appointment prior to visiting the campus.  Procurement Services will not meet with any sales representatives without an appointment.

Sales calls or "Cold Calls" to the University are not permitted.

Vendors/Suppliers are advised that the University is not under any obligation to procure services or products from vendors/suppliers during informational visits to campus.  CUA departments and/or employees are not authorized to accept equipment from any vendor/supplier on a trial basis unless a prior written agreement of the trial was established and approved by the Procurement Department.



Vendor Applications

The University is not required to enter a vendor application into its database until a business relationship is established.
If interested in doing business with the University, email