The Catholic University of America

Procurement Forms 

  • Justification for Sole Source (Purchase or Contract) Form: must be completed for purchases in excess of $2,500 and if three (3) competitve bids are not obtained. The Procurement Services Department will review and decide if the justification is acceptable and amenable with the University's policies.


  • Contract/Agreement Routing Form: The University will only be bound by written contracts to which the University or a subunit is formally a party, that have been reviewed and approved in accordance with this policy, and that have been executed by University officials who have specific contract signature authority. No officer or member of the University community has the authority to sign contracts on behalf of the University, or any program, department or division of the University, in the absence of a formal written delegation of authority (Contract Approval and Signature Authority Policy).



  • For individuals, companies or corporations that are providing services to the University, please visit Office of General Counsel's website at Specific instructions may also be given by the Procurement staff as to the form applicable for use.


  • For PCard, please click on this link to complete the appropriate forms.


  • For purchasing computing hardware with University funds, please visit the CUA StorefrontUniversity credit cards or personal funds are NOT authorized for purchase of University computing equipment and related items.

  • If the equipment you are REQUIRED to purchase is not on the CUA Storefront, please complete the Technology Purchase Exception Form and attach it to your requsition. Please ensure there is at least a 3-year warranty for all equipment requested.