The Catholic University of America

Procurement Frequently Asked Questions


 My requisition is still pending, what can I do to get it approved?

A.  Why it might still be pending - things to check:

  • Make sure you checked the budget. 
  • Follow this link for further details.
  • Check Approve Amounts for the requisition. If completed successfully, the following message should appear: "No Matching Values were found".
  • Check Approve Chartfields for the requisition. If completed successfully, the following message should appear: "No Matching Values were found".
  • If you have successfully completed all of the above and your requisition is still pending, please contact Procurement at x5044. 

Procurement Forms

I do not know what form to use for my requisition.

A. This website has all the details and instructions on what forms and when to use it.


Who is authorized to sign contracts?

A.  University policy clearly states that, only the President, Provost, VP for Finance & Treasurer, and the Procurement Services Office delegated by the VP for Finance, have the authority to enter the Catholic University of America into a signed contract agreement.  Departments and their employees do not have the authority to sign contracts or act as agents of the University, regardless of the dollar amount.  An individual in violation of the above is personally liable for all commitments owed to the supplier, monetary and otherwise.

Why must the legal department review a contract before it's signed?

A.  The Office of the General Counsel, as well as the Risk Management Office, assist Procurement Services in assessing whether it is in the University's best interest to enter into a contract by identifying terms and conditions that could potentially increase the University's liability.

Purchase Order

My requisition is 'Approved' in the Cardinal Financials, when can I expect to have my Purchase Order?

A. The Procurement Department checks all the necessary documents related on your requested order for equipment/services. As soon as everything is reviewed and approved with the parties required for its evaluation, a Purchase Order will be processed.

I need to order computer hardware/software, what is the procedure for this?

A. The current standard models that may be purchased by departments is listed under the Technology Services CUA Storefront. In the event that your needed technology purchase is not listed, please follow this instructions.

What do I need to do after the Contract Specialist sends the Purchase Order to the vendor?

A. After you have received the goods and/or services described on the Purchase Order:
  Step 1: Receive the PO in the Cardinal Financials
  Step 2: Note/Write the PO Number and the Receipt Number in the Invoice
  Step 3: Send the hardcopy Invoice, stated on Step 2, to Accounts Payable for payment processing

Invoice Payments

I have a Purchase Order that needs prepayment, what is the procedure?

A.  The PCard can be used to pre-pay and secure any purchase up to $2,500 in a single transaction.


What do I do when I have a problem with my copier?

Submit a help desk ticket

How do I place a service call for my copier?

Call 1-800-432-9787.

How do I register my unit?

Ways to register your copier:

  1. You can go directly to and register your unit.
  2. If you would like Ricoh to register your unit for you, please send an e-mail to Include your name, phone number and e-mail address. Also, please include the serial number of your unit, which is posted on the front of your unit.

How do I get supplies for my new unit?

Call 1-800-432-9787 to order your supplies or you can order them online at Your unit must be registered first. See above for instructions. Your toner and staples are free. Each department is responsible for their own paper.

What I need to know before moving, or relocating my copier?

You must contact Ricoh USA before a copier can be moved, or relocated.  Only a Ricoh technician are authorized to move copiers.

Who do I call for training?

Call Ricoh at 703-698-6748.

Do I need to turn-off my copier at the end of the work day?

No, these units are equipped with an "Energy Star" feature, which powers the unit down when it's not in use.  The copier automatically powers up once a key is touched, or a document is placed in the feeder.

Who is the University Account Representative at Ricoh?

Susan Clayman, she can be reached at 703-698-6748, or

Office Products

Who is the preferred University supplier for office products?

A.  Although the University has negotiated agreements with several vendors, the primary vendor is Staples Advantage.

How do I get a Staples Account?

A.  Click on the attached link and follow the instructions -->

Office of Strategic Sourcing and Business Services

Where is the Office of Strategic Sourcing and Business Services?

A. Our office is located at the Leahy Hall LL40 620 Michigan Avenue, Washington, DC 20064. You may also reach us at 202.319.5044 or email us at