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CUA Procurement Card (PCard)

MANDATORY PCard Refresher Training

The Office of Strategic Sourcing and Business Services is developing a preventative & sustainable PCard program. A rigorous training and continuous monitoring is a must to ensure that funds are used responsibly and in a manner consistent with University’s missions and applicable laws, policies and ethical practices.


The CUA Procurement Card (PCard) is a Visa credit card that can be used for making business purchases under $2,500 and can be used to purchase most of the same goods and services that can be obtained using a check request or purchase order.  The PCard can be used for point-of-sale, telephone, fax and internet purchases.  The University's tax exempt numbers are displayed on the front of the PCard since most purchases made on the University's behalf are tax exempt.

PCards are issued in the name of the individual responsible for making purchases on behalf of the University.  The PCard is not intended as a personal credit card nor is it tied to the cardholder's personal credit.  The PCard is not intended to circumvent requisitions and purchase orders, but as a method of augmenting existing processes.

PCard Advantages

  • Serves as a price negotiating tool
  • Reduces invoices
  • Reduces purchase orders and check requests
  • Reduces employee reimbursements
  • Streamlines the acquisition process
  • Expedites the shipping process
  • Eliminates paper work
  • Allows viewing and monitoring transactions realtime

Getting Started

Prospective cardholder's must have their Department Head or Manager's approval to apply for a PCard and attend a training session.  Once training is completed, the cardholder can begin enjoying the advantages of the PCard.  Training is provided by the Procurement Services Office.

Department Heads/Managers are expected to review and approve all cardholders' transactions to ensure they are both in accordance with CUA Procurement Card policy and are attached to a valid budget or funding source.

The PCard is designed to complement the existing procurement process.  Use of the card does not replace current travel or competitive bid regulations, nor does it allow departments to bypass procurement policies, procedures and established authorities.

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    Contact Teresa Chandler                         (P-Card Administrator): or x5045