The Catholic University of America

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing, also commonly referred to as Strategic Procurement, is the process of identifying and creating collaborative business relationships with vendors that result in maximum purchasing value.  The goal of strategic sourcing is to create a preferred vendor relationship that simplifies the University’s purchasing process and reduces its business costs.

How it works

Strategic Sourcing is based on faculty and staff needs and recommendations and leads to the creation of a strategic sourcing team which focuses on a particular commodity or service.  Teams are comprised of member volunteers with particular experience and expertise in the commodity or service that is under review.  RFP’s are developed and disseminated to prospective suppliers.  Teams assist in reviewing prospective suppliers in terms of their ability to provide CUA with the desired commodity/service and their ability to meet strategic sourcing goals.  Once the review is completed and a vendor is selected, a long-term award is made to the preferred supplier.

If you have further questions or wish to identify either a vendor or a commodity as a candidate for strategic sourcing please contact Procurement Services at (202) 319-5044.