The Catholic University of America

Corporate Travel Card Program

The SunTrust Corporate Visa Travel Card is designed for individuals who frequently travel for business on behalf of Catholic University.  Departments may obtain a Corporate TravelCard for those individuals by following the steps in the application process. 

Application Process

1.      The Director/ Manager must complete an application requesting a Travel Card for his/her employee and obtain the signature approval of the Provost or relevant Division Vice President.  Applications can be obtained by contacting the Corporate Travel Card Program Administrator in Procurement Services.  
2.    Chartfield validation and approval is required which may be obtained from the General Accounting Office.  This is required to track expenditures accurately within the University’s financial system. 
3.     Once Chartfield validation is obtained from General Accounting, forward the application to Procurement Services for processing.
a.     The Corporate Travel Card is available within five (5) to seven (7) business days after Procurement Services processes the application.
b.   Once the cardholder has successfully completed Corporate Travel Card training and signed the Individual Cardholder Agreement document, the card is then issued to the cardholder. 
4.      All cardholders must adhere to CUA’s  Corporate Travel Card Policy.
5.      Cardholders can find additional travel information by reviewing the University Travel Policy.