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Direct Payment Request

What is a Direct Payment Request?

What is a Direct Payment Request?
The Direct Payment Request is a vehicle to be used to submit payments directly to a vendor without a purchase order. Payment to vendors and reimbursements may be processed through a direct payment if it meets the criteria under “Types of Requests” listed below; otherwise, payment must be made with Pcard or Purchase Requisition according to the University Procurement Policy:
What is required?
A completed direct payment request with original receipt or invoice should be submitted to Accounts Payable. If the special handling section in not completed, the check will be mailed without any attachments.
Types of Request
Honorarium: Payment for lecture services.
o Services by non-resident aliens should be planned for in advance. Please Note: The individual receiving the honorarium is responsible to provide the ITIN to Accounts Payable. The department requesting the honorarium is responsible for ensuring the direct payment request is complete.
Membership Dues (Account 2800)/Subscriptions( Account 2052):  Payment for subscriptions and membership.
o If order form/invoice is to be sent with the payment, an extra copy should be attached.
American Express: Statement and receipts should be attached noting with the business purpose.
Petty Cash: Starting or replenishing petty cash. If replenishing, original receipts must be attached noting the business purpose.
Employee Non-travel reimbursements: Original receipts must be attached noting the business purpose.
Athletic Game officials (Account 1608): Athletics department only.
CUA Press Reader’s Report (Account 1613): CUA Press Only.
          •  Annuities (8500): Treasury Services Only.
 Royalties: CUA Press And Sponsored Programs Only.
• Employee Deduction Payment (Lxxx): Payroll and Human Resources Only.


[PDF] AP Direct Pay Form 1.07 MB