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Budget Office

The Budget Office is responsible for overall budget planning, forecasting, reporting and analysis. We take pride in supporting CUA's faculty, staff, and researchers with their budgetary needs.


Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Management

Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Development

Submitting Capital Budget Requests

Yearly capital budgeting is essential for planning long-term capital improvements.  Long-term planning identifies financial resources and manpower requirements in a logical and coordinated fashion. Before beginning the Capital Request Form, each area should review the Capital Budget Policy, which contains requirements that must be met before a project can be included on the request form.

Capital requests include physical assets or technology over $5,000 that has a useful life of greater than one year, including:  new buildings; building improvements; system infrastructures (such as security, fire prevention, utilities); new and replacement machinery and equipment; major upgrades or repairs; technology; and vehicles.

Divisions are contacted in the early fall by the AVP for Facilities and/or Information Technology in order to discuss upcoming capital needs and a single capital budget is compiled.

Submitting Mandatory and Contractual Requests

Submitting General Fund 11 and Auxiliary Enterprise Fund 15 Budgets

Submitting Designated Fund (18, 19, 59) Budget Requests

Preparing Endowed Fund (31, 51) Spending Plans
Submitting New and Existing Fund (12) Budget Requests

The Budget Office will not be accepting  fund 12 budgets for FY19.

Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Submission Due Dates

  • Submit Designated Fund 18,19 & 59 budgets: March 30, 2018

  • Submit Endowed Fund 31 & 51 spend plan: March 30, 2018

  • Submit General Fund 11 & Auxiliary Enterprise Fund 15 budgets:  March 30, 2018


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Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Budget Planning
Assistant Director, Financial Planning – x6356
Capital Budgets & Special Projects
Enterprise Budget Systems – x6283
Non-academic areas, Payroll & Encumbrances
Senior Budget Analyst – x6108
Academic areas, including the Law School
Budget Analyst – x6355
Appointment Forms & Funding Changes
Budget exceptions are handled by the analyst responsible for that respective area, unless otherwise noted.